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About us

Jingzhou habei petroleum equipment technology co., ltd mainly deals in the research and development and manufacture of petroleum drilling and production equipment and its accessories and downhole tools. the company is a modern scientific and technological production enterprise with an integrated model of scientific research, development, production and operation.
The company uses the second generation polymer alloy technology developed by South China University of Technology to produce various packers, bridge plug rubber barrels and sealing components. The company adopts ERP management system - 2bb to control the quality of products produced by the company, and comprehensively monitors the quality and cost of products from the beginning of material purchase and product design to product sales and after-sales service to produce high-quality products.
The company's main products are: packer rubber cylinder, bridge plug rubber cylinder, clutch air bag, clutch pressure plate, clutch friction plate, etc.
The company's quality policy: do my best to serve the society and satisfy customers.

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